Wolf Gordon | Lace (Concept)

A cutting-edge, rule-breaking wall covering Design Studio, Wolf-Gordon chose Karen’s in-your-face Lace design for its collections. This overscaled, bold design has its roots in Karen’s personal history and love of hand-craft. Shown here are some of Karen’s initial concepts for Lace. Production of this contract wallcovering is slated for  future release by Wolf-Gordon.

Says the designer, ‘My grandmother was a seamstress, and she kept boxes of lace as trim. I loved to play in them, unrolling the spools of wonderful prettiness. When she couldn’t find manufactured lace to garnish a garment, she made her own. As I got older I began to think about the concept of lace. Today it is seen as a ladies’ or children’s textile, delicate and sweet, or as something beguiling and lingerie-esque. Yet, watching my grandmother make her lace, I saw how incredibly strong the threads are, with slight, delicate strands tethering the pieces together. In this design, I wanted to blow up the lace to an abstracted level so that it became a giant, sexy, ensnaring web.’

Wolf-Gordon’s vinyl wall coverings are suitable for broad-based applications ranging from corporate and healthcare to hospitality, education and government interiors and meet all federal quality criteria. Designers and facilities managers can select from thousands of Type I and Type II vinyl, 100 % polyolefin and custom wall coverings. Wolf-Gordon’s wall coverings offer durable wall protection and are easily cleaned and maintained. All wall coverings are 54″ wide.  www.wolf-gordon.com.

Lace Art in Green Blue

Lace Art in Red Teal

Lace Art in Grey Brown

Lace Art in Grey

Lace Art in Gold Green

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