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Karen Singh believes there may be no greater adventure than the adventure found in being of service. Cross-Cultural Solutions is a not-for-profit international volunteer organization that operates 2- to 12-week programs for volunteers in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Peru, Russia, Tanzania, and Thailand. Widely known as the leading organization in the field of international volunteering. CCS’ global infrastructure supports thousands of international volunteers each year and over 250 sustainable community initiatives. CCS is open to everyone, and has excellent student programs, so the conversation of global understanding begins with youth. More than 250 CCS in-country staff members are working year-round, ensuring that each volunteer is contributing directly to the goals of each community. No other short-term international volunteer program has such a global presence and community-centered approach toward volunteering abroad. In each country, CCS is part of the community, working in partnership with grassroots organizations.  Karen Singh donates 15% of design fees from her Wanderlust Collection to:

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