Carini Lang | Keys To My Heart

Key to My Heart Carpet by Carini Lang

50% hand spun wool/50% banana silk
Area rug, hand knotted, 100 knots per inch
Colors: black/natural, blue/green/natural, and custom colors
Inspiration: Everyday Objects
Applications: Residential, Hospitality

Karen Singh’s first-ever area rug design is handcrafted in Nepal by Carini Lang. Karen’s collaboration with Carini Lang Co-Founder and Creative Director Joseph Carini has resulted in this enchanting geometric, first in a series of rugs based on her fascination with everyday objects such as keys, books, and pencils. Additional designs are slated for launch in 2011. Renowned for contemporary handcrafted carpets and tapestries, Carini Lang serves an international clientele of top interior designers and architects as well as collectors of fine carpets.

What makes “Key to my Heart” compelling is contrast. Within its borders are whimsy and geometry, silken glimmer and woolly warmth, nature’s bare fibers and rich color.

: The use of two different materials for the pattern and its background results in a beautiful contrast of chunky sweater-y natural, hand-spun, un-dyed wool with glossy, smooth banana-silk that is richly colored thanks to Joe Carini’s signature handcrafted botanical dyes.

: The pattern is in relief against the background, so the rugs have a sculpted texture that makes them at once substantial and charming. The hand-knotted fibers are cut by Carini Lang’s artisans by hand to achieve the varied pile heights.

Colors, sizes and custom options
: “Key to my Heart” is offered in various sizes in two standard colorways, natural wool on black onyx banana silk or green and blue banana silk on natural wool.  The carpet may also be customized in any of the many natural botanical dye colorations in Joseph Carini’s signature palette.

Where to shop:
The Carini Lang showroom is at 335 Greenwich Street in TriBeCa. Contact or call 646.613.0497.

Karen revels in the brightness of the ordinary. Her inspirations often happen, not in the design studio, but in what to most people would seem rather mundane moments of everyday life.

I keep loose keys in a dresser drawer, but over the years, I’ve forgotten what some of them unlock. One day I took all the keys out, hoping to jog my memory, and quickly realized that I’d unconsciously laid the keys in a grid pattern. I drew a quick sketch, marveling at how it looked just like a labyrinth, the perfect pattern for keys to unlock spaces yet-to-be-rediscovered.”

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