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Architecture Collection | The Alpha Workshops, New York

Karen Singh believes firmly in the power of design and the decorative arts to heal environments and people. The Alpha Workshops is the only not-for-profit organization in the country that trains, employs and provides outplacement services in the decorative arts for people living with HIV/AIDS. Founder Ken Wampler has been an industry pioneer ever since founding Alpha in 1995, both in developing a unique training curriculum and in creating a flexible, supportive workplace responsive to the medical, financial and emotional needs of people living with a chronic illness. Alpha Workshops runs a highly regarded design studio, staffed completely by its own trainees and graduates, and guided by a philosophy that encourages participants to embrace their creativity and become decorative artists with a productive future. Alpha’s studio is known for creating beautiful handcrafted wallpapers, decorative painting, plastering, gilding and handcast lamps as well as large scale restoration jobs and world-class art installations. Your purchase of any design from the Karen Singh Designs Architecture Collection aids:

The Alpha Workshops

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